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Law Day 2012: "No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom"

The Commonwealth Judiciary invites you to celebrate Law Day with us on May 1. Law Day has been an annual observance in the United States since President Dwight Eisenhower established it in 1958 to mark the nation's commitment to the rule of law. Locally, we also use it to reflect upon how the rule of law serves as the foundation to the Commonwealth and contributes to the freedoms we enjoy as members of the American political family.

This Law Day, the theme is: "No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom." We will reflect upon and celebrate the role an independent judiciary serves in ensuring justice and protecting our fundamental freedoms. Since the founding of our nation over two centuries ago, our daily lives have been shaped by laws and the justice system. The belief that laws -- not men -- should control our individual and collective destinies is at the core of America's way of life. That great principle is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, the United States and CNMI Constitutions, and other important legal documents. Just as importantly, it is embodied in the work of lawyers, judges, clerks, juries, and all others who serve our justice system.

The Commonwealth will observe Law Day with a number of ceremonies and activities that mostly occur between April 26 to May 4. We list some of the relevant events below. In addition, judges and justices, law clerks, and members of the Bar will be visiting community schools speaking to students.

Dates Event
April 17 Posters and Essays are due. Students should check with their schools on the actual deadline. All entries must be delivered to the Commonwealth Supreme Court by a school representative before 4:00 p.m on April 17, 2012.
April 26 11:00 am - Proclamation signing and new attorney addmissions ceremony
April 26 - May 4 Judges and lawyers in the Classroom (Saipan) - Judges, justices, and lawyers will visit community schools to speak with students.
May 1 Student awards ceremony - The Judiciary will host an awards ceremony honoring the winner's of this year's poster and essay contest in the Supreme Court Courtroom in Susupe, Saipan. We will announce a time closer to the ceremony.
May 3 8:00 am - 28th Annual Attorney General's Cup competition
May 4 and 18 Judges in the Classroom (Rota) - Judges and justices will visit community schools to speak with students.
May 11 and 25 Judges in the Classroom (Tinian) - Judges and justices will visit community schools to speak with students.

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