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The Honorable Alexandro Cruz Castro, Chief Justice

Justice Alexandro C. Castro was nominated by Governor Benigno R. Fitial to become the Commonwealth’s fourth chief justice on September 13, 2012. Justice Castro served as the Acting Chief Justice following the retirement of Chief Justice Miguel S. Demapan in September 2011. The Acting Chief Justice appeared before the Senate’s Committee on Executive Appointment and Government Investigation on October 10, 2012. Following the Committee’s recommendation, the full Senate voted unanimously to confirm Justice Castro as the Chief Justice. He was duly commissioned that same day, October 11, 2012; Governor Fitial administered the oath of office.

Castro was born April 23, 1952 on Tinian and raised on Rota. He went to Guam to pursue a higher education and then returned to Rota in 1971 after graduating from George Washington Senior High School. He worked one year each as a high school teacher, a police officer, an assistant hotel manager, and an assistant clerk of court. In 1972, Chief Justice served as a member of the Rota Municipal Council.

On July 27, 1979, Chief Justice Castro graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Papua New Guinea (a British oriented law school) with a Bachelor of Laws Degree. While in law school, Chief Justice went to Washington, D.C. and represented UPNG in the renowned Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

After being admitted to the CNMI Bar on September 26, 1979, Chief Justice Castro joined the criminal division of the Attorney General’s Office as an assistant prosecutor. Three years later, he became the chief prosecutor of the CNMI. On April 26, 1986, Chief Justice Castro was sworn in as the first indigenous Attorney General. He was instrumental in setting up the Attorney General’s Cup Speech Competition – an annual speech contest whereby high school students from Rota, Tinian and Saipan debate a current legal issue facing the Northern Mariana Islands.

In 1989, Chief Justice Castro ascended to the CNMI Superior Court Bench as an associate judge and in 1993 he became the presiding judge thereof. Nine years later, Chief Justice Castro ascended to the Supreme Court bench where he sat as an associate justice. He also serves as a designated justice in the Guam Supreme Court.
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